This document contains legal terms for the access and use of website.
Connected to the website, using it, or the material which it contains, you are engaged to respect the legal terms listed below.

1. Property of Website
This website is property of Cantine Zanieri.

2. Copyright
This website is protected by copyright law as single and/or composed and/or collective work, in relation to Italian and European laws about copyright owner. Every contents of this website, included information, documents, graphic elements, videos, sounds and images, and all the rest published in the website, included their arrangement into it, are property of Cantine Zanieri ( or given to third part for use by Cantine Zanieri) and are protected by owner's right and by the other laws on intellectual property. Each unauthorized use of this material contained in the website is strictly forbidden. Moreover the website, could contain documents, images, software, information and other stuff of third part property, like pictures, advertising, video and music clips. Every unauthorized use of these material contained in this website, is strictly forbidden, unless the previous wrote consent given by the owner of the material at issue.

3. Brands
All the brands and logos owned by Cantine Zanieri visualized on the website are exclusive property of Cantine Zanieri itself; each use and/or reproduction of them for every goal is strictly forbidden and it will be persecuted in legal terms by the laws in matter.
Brands and logos owned by third parts visualized on the website are exclusive property of their owners who gave their consent to Cantine Zanieri for using them; every else reproduction and/or use, is strictly forbidden as well.

4. Use and Access to Website
User accept to use the website( and the services on it) only to legal purposes and, anyway, not to do prejudicial acts respect to third parts.
Contents and materials of the Website are finalized to personal and not commercial use.
User can download and copy contents and other material visualized on the website only for it's personal and not commercial use. Anyway, under condition to recognize that these material are protected by copyright laws and to respect terms and condition of copyright owner rights and the others rights contained in this website.
Copy or saving of any contents for different uses from the personal and not commercial ones is strictly forbidden, unless it has been authorized by prevent wrote authorization from Cantine Zanieri.
Cantine Zanieri itself reserves the right to modify, cancel or suspend the totality or any part of the website, in any moment, included availability of the totality or part of the website, of its functions, and of database present here. Cantine Zanieri also can correct eventual mistakes or lack in any part of the website or to impose limitations over some services and functions, restrict access to users to parts or to all the website without obligation to notify and without any responsibility.

5. Denial of warranty and responsibility limitation
User recognize to use the website at his own risk. Services connected to website are given as they are found on the website and Cantine Zanieri openly denies any form of warranty, as just like an example, accuracy warranty, reliability, property, not violation, eligibility for determined purposes, or any other warranty condition, insurance, declaration, written or oral or in electronic form, included for example, any warranty about accuracy or completeness of any information contained in the website or given by the website itself. In no way website's contents can establish a public offer: user that are interested to establish commercial relations with Cantine Zanieri must ask confirm for any kind of information, given or specific, related to website, in trading venue.
Cantine Zanieri does not claim nor guarantees website's access will not be interrupted or that website doesn't contain mistakes and bad functions, lack or lose of transmitted information, or that no virus will be transmitted in the website. Cantine Zanieri will be no responsible to the website's customers or any third part for eventual direct or indirect damages, special, consequentially or punitive, assumed like consequences to access or to impossibility to access to the website, included virus taken by the website, use or reliability made over the website or about any information and materials on the website.

6. Link
Cantine Zanieri is not responsible for the content of websites to which you can connect to, by our website, or to website which it's connected to. We underline the fact that Cantine Zanieri has no control over contents of these websites and, because they are of third part, has no responsibility for contents and materials, even if advertising kind, sprawl on these websites, or for products and services offered into these. These products and services cannot be considered financed, shared, or supported in any way by Cantine Zanieri nor by other societies connected to it.

7. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction
User recognizes and agrees for all the purposes, that eventual disputes comes from access and/or use of the website are subjected to exclusive jurisdiction of an Italian court.

8. Modifications
Previous forms could be modified by Cantine Zanieri from time to time, notifications and eventual revisions of these forms will be announced on this webpage. Continuative use of the website by user, means to accept by user itself these modifications and revisions of the forms; for this reason Cantine Zanieri suggests to his user to regularly visit the webpage.